caspla bali fast cruise
Fastboat from Sanur - Nusa Penida "Oneway & Return"

Caspla Bali Boat is a new boat service and provides services between Bali and Nusa Penida. The boat has a Motorized with 200 x 3 & 250 x 4 horse power rated under international maritime to get you safely and quickly to your destination. The duration from and to the destination islands is approximately 45 minutes.

Caspla Bali Boat Reguler Trip “Sanur Nusa Penida” Code of Safety, 13.00 meter length, 3.00 meter width. Boat Capacity for 40/45/75/85/95 persons completed with life jacket, compas and radio calling gprs. Caspla Bali Boat is the best speed boat go to nusa penida used caspla bali 4 and have 6 year experience sea public transport to go nusa penida.

Getting there

In the port, you will need to locate the counter fastboat Caspla Bali. You must arrive at the port 30 minutes before the departure time of the boat in order to have time to check in for the trip. Once you have checked in for your trip, keep your paper ticket with tear-off pages in a safe place as you will need this ticket for check-in on your return journey. A journey to Nusa Penida takes around 45 minutes.

Return trip

It is time to come back from the paradise islands to Bali. To check in for a return trip, you need to come to the counter fastboat Caspla Bali 30 minutes prior to the boat departure.

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Included :

  • Local taxes
  • a 25kgs of luggage. the Fast Boat reserves the right to inspect the contents of any luggage and can refuse the carriage of any item that are likely to endanger the vessel or other travelers
  • One way or return Ticket
  • Pick up and drop off from Hotel ( its Sharing Car )

Excluded :

  • Excess luggage charges (where applicable)
  • Harbour Fee about Rp.25.000/person (please prepare cash and pay directly on the spot )

Boat Schedule :

Daily Schedule from Bali to Nusa Penida:

Departure from Destination & Route Departure Time
Sanur Nusa Penida 08.00 AM
Nusa Penida Sanur 16.30 PM

Additional Info :
  • Schedule may change at any time
  • The ETD and ETA of the boat may not be on time because of our service is from port to port
  • The duration of boarding and disembarking passanger at each port may vary due to different dock conditions on each island
  • Routes and departure time may change if conditions are considered in an emergency

The Price - Ticket only without transfer Hotel

Domestic Guest Oneway Return
Adult price IDR 85.000 / person IDR 170.000 / person Book Here
Child price IDR 60.000 / person IDR 120.000 / person Book Here
Foreign Guest Oneway Return
Adult price IDR 150.000 / person IDR 300.000 / person Book Here
Child price IDR 100.000 / person IDR 200.000 / person Book Here

The Price - with transfer Hotel

Oneway Return
Domestic Guest IDR 350.000 / person IDR 700.000 / person Book Here
Foreign Guest IDR 370.000 / person IDR 740.000 / person Book Here
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